About The Hosts

Carrie & Tyler met in 2015 over a cup of coffee, they talked for almost 4 hours.  On their second date, Tyler went to Carrie’s house and cooked her dinner after work.  Although Carrie didn’t tell him right then, she was in love.  Food is the way to her heart.  Now they live together with their furry zoo, and together with the help of their robotic vacuum, they battle the fur day-to-day. (Relationship pro-tip,  if you can swing it, invest in a robotic vacuum).

Carrie & Tyler enjoy camping, hiking, geocaching, and wine tasting together.  Separately,  Carrie likes horror movies and micro brews.  Tyler likes 4-wheeling and amateur radio.

Carrie is a scientist and Tyler has a degree in communications.  While they use their education to base their opinion in the podcast discussions, it should be noted that they are not professionals in this field.  They are just sharing their thoughts and opinions and they should be taken light heartedly.

Podcast Kitty is a handsome ginger boy who enjoys long naps in the sun, endless pets from humans, a full bowl of food, and sitting on the podcast host’s laps while they podcast!  Podcast Kitty has biological brother, a canine brother, and an adopted feline sister.